You have to treat the entertainment industry like your boyfriend, or your girlfriend. It may not always love you, but will you still love it, even when it’s not good to you”

~Tichina Arnold

Don’t seek to become a star. Stars fall. Seek your passion. Do what you love.” ~Tichina Arnold

There’s a lot of rejection in the business, but my faith in God is what has kept me focused, even in some of my worst seasons. “

~Meagan Good

Be prepared for a lot of rejection. It’s ok. It only takes one yes. Everyone has an opinion. But the right one, at the right time, will bless and change your life.” ~ Meagan Good

Many of you [Actors] who pursue this as a career don’t make it, for an abundance of reasons. So you have to hang in there. You have to have the passion, persistence and patience to see it through. “~ Kim Hardin (Casting Director)

Actors, don’t become so overcome with fear during your audition that you forget to deliver. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Do your homework. Study your craft. Give me a reason to choose you and bring you to the director as a reflection of me.” ~ Kim Hardin (Casting Director)

Always remember why you got in the business, which should be for the love of the craft and the feeling you receive when doing what you love. Don’t get into the business for the validation or the applause. Many get caught up in the hype. Don’t be one of them.” ~KeKe Palmer

So often people are influenced by what they see on the outside, and begin to imitate or duplicate what others are doing. But in doing so, they miss their own uniqueness.”

~Kimberly Elise

Never give less than all you have to give. Never lose focus of your intention and your dream. Surround yourself with people who see your vision.” ~Kimberly Elise

I never took an acting class a day in my life. I learned my craft on the theater stage. And I also printed monologues from my favorite movie. Committed the lines to memory. And recited them over and over in different ways while looking in the mirror.” ~Kimberly Elise

Don’t give up. Your dream coming true is right around the corner!” ~Brandy

Rejection is a part of life, not just this business. You have to experience rejection in order to become stronger” ~Michael Ealy

Once I relocated from NYC to LA, I had the opportunity to actually be in the room as apposed to being put on tape. My advice to aspiring actors is to get in the room. It’s much more impactful and its puts you in the best possible position to win.”

~Michael Ealy

Acting is an art. It’s a craft. So just like being a doctor studies medicine, or a scientist studies structural behavior. You have to study that craft of acting.” ~ Sanaa Lathan

This business is often emotionally abusive. As an actor, you to learn how to continue to have a soft heart and be sensitive, while also having a steel exterior so that you can navigate the business when in dealing with rejection. ~ Sanaa Lathan

One of the first things my acting teacher told me when I got to school was that only 1 percent of aspiring actors actually make a living at it. It’s not about talent or how you look, but it’s about perseverance.” ~Sanaa Lathan

Even if you feel like no one will ever see your audition, give it your best each and every time. It’s an investment, like money in the bank. One day, it will pay off.” ~Sanaa Lathan